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What is Nadra Nicop Card? National Identity Card of Overseas Pak
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For Pakistani overseas residing in the UK, securing a National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP) is essential for maintaining their legal identity and availing numerous benefits associated with Pakistani citizenship. At the Nadra Registration Center, we provide comprehensive services to help you understand and apply for the NICOP card. This article will delve into what a NICOP Card is, its benefits, and how you can use for it through our streamlined process.

Understanding The NICOP Card

The NICOP card is a registration document issued by the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) of Pakistan to Pakistani citizens who reside or work abroad. This card serves as proof of identity citizenship and provides a range of benefits, making it an essential document for Pakistani Overseas.

Key Features of NICOP Card:

  • Proof of Citizenship: The NICOP card confirms that the holder is a Pakistani citizen.
  • Visa-Free Entry: It allows visa-free entry into Pakistan, facilitating ease of travel.
  • Multiple Entry Visa: NICOP holders are granted a multiple entry visa, allowing them to travel to Pakistan as many times as needed without the hassle of applying for a visa each time.
  • Dual Nationality: The NICOP card is especially beneficial for individuals holding dual nationality, as it validates their Pakistani citizenship.
  • Validity: The card is valid for a specified period, usually ten years, after which it needs to be renewed.

What is The Difference Between Nadra and NICOP Card?

While NADRA is the issuing authority for all national identity documents in Pakistan, including the CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) and NICOP (National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis), there are distinct differences between the two:

  1. CNIC: The CNIC is issued to Pakistani citizens residing within Pakistan. It serves as the primary identity document for all citizens and is required for various legal and administrative processes within the country.
  2. NICOP: The NICOP is specifically for Pakistani citizens living abroad. It provides additional benefits such as visa-free entry into Pakistan and is essential for maintaining their legal identity while residing outside the country.

Is NICOP and CNIC The Same?

No, the NICOP and CNIC are not the same. The CNIC is intended for residents of Pakistan, while the NICOP is designed for Pakistani citizens living overseas. The key distinctions lie in their target users and the benefits they provide. The NICOP card offers the convenience of multiple entries into Pakistan without the need for a visa, which is not a feature of the CNIC.

Benefits Of Holding a NICOP Card

Having a NICOP card provides numerous advantages to Pakistani overseas, ensuring their rights and privileges are protected.

Here Are some Key Benefits:

1. Ease of Travel

With a NICOP card, Pakistani expatriates can travel to Pakistan without the need for a visa. This convenience is particularly beneficial for those who frequently visit Pakistan for business, family visits, or other personal reasons.

2. Access to Services

The NICOP card allows holders to access various services in Pakistan, including opening a bank account, purchasing property, and obtaining a Pakistani passport. It serves as a valid identification document, simplifying many bureaucratic processes.

3. Dual Nationality Rights

For individuals with dual nationality, the NICOP card affirms their Pakistani citizenship, enabling them to enjoy the rights and privileges of a Pakistani citizen while residing abroad.

4. Legal Protection

Holding a NICOP card ensures that Pakistani overseas are recognized as legal citizens, providing them with protection under Pakistani law. This is particularly important in legal matters and while dealing with governmental authorities.

How to Apply For NICOP Nadra Through NRC

At the Nadra Registration Center, we simplify the process of applying for a NICOP card.

Here’s How You Can Use It:

Visit Our Website

Start by visiting our official website at Nadra Registration Center. Navigate to the NICOP application section to find detailed information about the application process.

Fill out the Apply Now Form

Locate and complete the “Apply Now” form on our website. Provide accurate details about yourself, including your name, date of birth, and contact information. Ensure that all the information is correct to avoid any delays in processing.

Submit Required Documents

After submitting the form, our team will contact you to collect the necessary documents. Typically, you will need to provide a copy of your Pakistani passport, proof of residence, and any other relevant documents.

Make Payment

Once your documents are verified, proceed to make the payment for the NICOP application. Our website offers secure payment options for your convenience.

Application Processing and Delivery

After payment, we will process your application and submit it to NADRA. Once the NICOP card is issued, it will be delivered to your home address in the UK, saving you the hassle of visiting any office or embassy.


The NICOP card is an invaluable document for Pakistani overseas, ensuring their legal identity and providing numerous benefits. At the Nadra Registration Center, we are committed to making the process of obtaining a NICOP card as smooth and convenient as possible. By choosing our services, you can be assured of professional assistance, timely processing, and delivery of your NICOP card right to your doorstep.

Visit the Nadra Registration Center today to learn more and start your NICOP application process. Secure your identity and enjoy the benefits of being a recognized Pakistani citizen, no matter where you reside.


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May 30, 2024

[…] No, the NICOP and CNIC are not the same. The CNIC is intended for residents of Pakistan, while the NICOP is designed for Pakistani citizens living overseas.  […]

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