POC Cancellation

POC Cancellation is very important document it’s used for many reasons.  It is a must to POC Cancellation if you are no longer eligible to hold it. There are many reasons that make one illegal to be a POC holder. Here is some for POC Cancellation

1.POC Cancellation Due to Death
2.POC Cancellation Due to Dual National Agreement
3.POC Cancellation DUE to Divorce

If a person who holds a POC passes away, their POC card needs to be canceled quickly. Immediate family members can apply to cancel the POC due to the death of the Pakistani Citizen/Ex-Pakistani in this situation.

An ex-Pakistani who previously obtained POC after formally renounced/surrendered Pakistani nationality and acquired nationality of a foreign country (having valid foreign) that permit dual nationality can apply for cancellation of POC if Federal Government announced dual nationality agreement with that country or applicant reacquired Pakistani nationality may also apply for cancellation of POC.

Pakistan Origin Card Cancellation Online - Cancellation POC UK

If someone who was once a Pakistani citizen and got a POC later decides to give up their Pakistani nationality and becomes a citizen of another country (with valid dual nationality), they can apply to cancel their POC if the Federal Government has a dual nationality agreement with that country. Alternatively, if the person decides to become a Pakistani citizen again, they can also apply to cancel their POC.

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