New Pakistan Origin Card

Pakistani Origin Card (POC) program to provide eligible foreigners with unprecedented Incentives to return to their homelands while also ensuring Pakistani’s tight integration with Communities worldwide

The Pakistan Origin Card (POC) is given by the Government of Pakistan to whom is married with Pakistani Citizens and hold NICOP. POC is visa free card for the foreigners who made POC on the behalf of Pakistani Spouse. The Foreigners who have POC Card gets Visa Free Entry to Pakistan.

1. Multiple Visa free entries into Pakistan
2. Indefinite stay in Pakistan with exemption from reporting to police or foreigners’ registration offices, etc.
3. Right to purchase, sell, own, deal with and dispose of movable and immovable property anywhere in Pakistan.
4. Right to open and operate bank accounts in Pakistan

Apply For New POC (Pakistan Origin Card) - New POC Online

Applying for a New POC through Nadra Registration Center is a convenient and straightforward process. Pakistani Overseas individuals in the UK can initiate their applications online via our website, eliminating the need for in-person visits or cumbersome paperwork. Our easy-to-use platform helps applicants through every step of the application process, making sure it’s smooth and straightforward from beginning to end.

At the Nadra Registration Center, we understand that applying for a POC is difficult because of their documentation and verification. That’s why our experienced team is here to assist you about the process and verification. Whether you’re unsure about the application requirements or need clarification on the process, our team is here to assist you at every stage.

We understand the importance of timely processing and delivery of the Our system works quickly to process applications, ensuring that the New POC is delivered promptly to the applicant’s chosen address in the UK without any unnecessary delays. Pakistani expatriates can trust that we’re taking care of their documentation needs efficiently and carefully.

At Nadra Registration Center, we are committed to facilitating Pakistani Overseas in the UK in obtaining their New POC with ease and convenience. Apply for your New POC through Nadra Registration Center today and enjoy the benefits of seamless documentation and enhanced connectivity to your homeland. Let us assist you in strengthening your ties to Pakistan and unlocking a world of opportunities with the Pakistan Origin Card (POC).

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