Lost POC Card

For Pakistanis living in the UK, the POC Card is really important. It shows who they are and helps them get important services. But if they lose it, it can be worrying and inconvenient. If that happens, the Nadra Registration Center can help you get a new one. Let’s see how to get a new card if you’ve lost the original

If you lost your POC Card then you should report to the local police. Contact Nadra Registration Center through our website or helpline to inform us about the situation. Our dedicated team will guide you through the next steps and provide assistance in reporting the loss.

After you report the loss, our team will start the process of trying to find your Lost POC for you. We’ll talk to the right people and do whatever we can to locate and get back your lost card. Don’t worry, we’ll work hard to make the process fast and smooth, so the loss doesn’t cause you too much trouble.

Apply Lost POC UK - Get Back Your Pakistan Origin Card Online 2024

If your lost POC cannot be recovered, or if you require a replacement card, Nadra Registration Center offers a convenient online application process. If you are Overseas Pakistanis living in the UK then we can help you to apply your POC Lost application. You can apply application through our website in simple few steps.

At the Nadra Registration Center, we understand the urgency of getting your new POC. After you apply again, our team will process your application quickly to ensure you receive your new POC as soon as possible. We’ll ensure it delivered promptly to your chosen address in the UK, so you can have your essential documentation back without any delays.

Losing your Pakistan Origin Card can be stressful, but with Nadra Registration Center, recovering and reapplying for your lost POC is a straightforward process. Apply for your New POC online today and regain peace of mind knowing that your documentation needs are in capable hands. Let us assist you in restoring your connection to Pakistan and accessing the benefits of your Pakistan Origin Card once again.

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